Company & Services


Bert Evers provides positive life-energy, shows interesting prospects for the future and ensures peace in our world!


Talented, ambitious Leaders / Managers / Entrepreneurs

  • Talented, ambitious leaders, who want to consciously plan their career and continuously improve their skills
  • Company employees who need mental support for decisions, changes, processing of incidents, prevention of mistakes, preparation for difficult situations in the daily work routine
  • Company employees who want to reduce their fears
  • Companies who want to prepare their future leaders for their tasks in a targeted way
  • People who want to grow into a new leader or are confronted with challenges in their new leadership role, nationally as well as internationally

Young people who create jobs by starting a business

  • All young people, in Switzerland as well as abroad, who consciously create opportunities for other young people by founding a company.

Athletes incl. their clubs and officials

  • Swiss clubs and officials who want to master the future challenges in the best possible way.
  • International & Swiss top athletes and young athletes on their way to the top